Supernatural, extended promo and why I’m fairly sure Cas didn’t stab Dean

1. The SPN promos are always misleading, I see no reason to expect this one to be any different.

2. The way they show us Cas stabbing that woman, the images of Dean & Cas all in red, plus the fact that Cas is obviously not behaving normally : it’s a little too much, they’re hinting at it a little too hard.

3. When Cas slaps Dean, you can see the background is dark :


But when Cas says : what have you done to me? The background isn’t. Plus, I think it’s fairly obvious he’s talking to Naomi (you can see her suit on the left) :


4. Look at Cas’ face when he realizes he just hit Dean :


Yep, he’s obviously as shocked as we were. Which leads me to believe that THIS is a key moment, THIS is when Cas will finally see there’s something wrong because he knows he would never hit Dean. Now I know that it’s never that easy with SPN, but bear with me.

5. The picture of Dean on the ground :


Now I’m no expert, but I think if Dean had been stabbed there would be some sort of open wound. The image isn’t clear enough to tell for certain, but I can’t see one.

The floor is dirty in that picture which would suggest the scene is set in the warehouse where Cas hit him. So this must be the scene right after.

6. This point has been made for me, by the lovely Henrywinchestre. I think it’s safe to say that Cas is definitely in Naomi’s office, where Dean has never been before and where he’s unlikely to ever go.

Now as I have told you, nothing is ever that easy with SPN, but this is what I get from this promo: Cas is on the edge, he can sense that something’s wrong, he can hear voices and finally loses it : he hits dean and then realizes that there’s something seriously wrong. He goes back to Heaven and understands what Naomi’s done. Then, hopefully, he kills her.

No seriously, the trailer is misleading, it has to be. Look at Cas’ face when he realizes just who it is he hit. I think the image of dean on the floor is right after that and then cas realizes that there is something wrong because he could never hit dean, and so he goes back to heaven AND FINALLY KILLS NAOMI



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You rebel against heaven and die for them multiple times.

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