Sherlock Meme: Six Characters [3/6]

Mycroft Holmes

Sherlock Meme: Five Relationships [4/5]

Mycroft & John

Sherlock Meme: Five Relationships [1/5]

Sherlock & Mycroft Holmes

Sherlock Meme: Four OTPs [4/4]


Sherlock Meme: Four OTPs [2/4]


25 ships: 3. Mycroft Holmes & Gregory Lestrade

I don’t just do what your brother tells me.


#Okay can we fucking talk about Mark Gatiss for a second #I give all my love to BC and MF for their acting but don’t think I don’t love MG too #because LOOK AT HIS EYES in that second one #there’s this far-off haunting thing that is just #ugh #I can’t even with this #there’s SO MUCH THERE #the memory of his little brother when things were easier #when he didn’t have to make decisions like this #when the world was kinder and sherlock probably wasn’t as cold and hard as he can be now #and probably some small amount of regret that his brother is now the lonely naive man who fell into irene adler’s trap #because mycroft knows that even though sherlock figured it out and ‘beat’ irene #sherlock didn’t really win

10 Day Sherlock Challenge: Day 10

Whatever tickles your fancy: Mycroft Holmes appreciation post

There, my fanfic is finally complete if you’re interested :)

Plot: Gregory was looking for a friend and found Mycroft instead, but he wouldn’t change it for the world. Prequel to ‘The One I Need’

Rating: M

Word count: 50.000