Happy Birthday

Jim doesn’t want to admit just how much he actually likes the cake that Sebastian got him for his birthday. Or how much he actually likes that Sebastian got him anything at all. 



Jim tells Sebastian to take him to St. Bart’s Hospital - he has one final problem to take care of. 

“It’s a small crime and I’ve got no excuse.”


ausebastian dies before jim
       ”I’ve seen hundreds of people die and I haven’t mourned a single one… until him.”

  • jim: hello?
  • sebastian: is this a bad time?
  • jim: yes of course it is, what do you want?
  • sebastian: that kitten came back to our flat. i've decided you can keep it.
  • jim: SAY THAT AGAIN. say that again, and know, that if you are lying to me, i will find you, and i will skin you.
  • sebastian: if you don't come home with cat supplies in the next half hour i'm using it for target practice.
  • jim: WAIT.
  • jim: sorry, wrong day to die.
  • sherlock: oh, did you get a better offer?
  • jim: you'll be hearing from me, sherlock.
  • jim: if you have what you say you have, i'll make you rich. if you're lying, i'll make you into shoes.
  • sebastian: i already have access to your bank account, and you have enough shoes. just come home before this cat pees on the rug.

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