"As a kid, I used to dress up all the time. I watched Batman on the TV and then searched out my mother’s wide ’60s patent leather belt. I took it, stuck cigarette packets on it, painted it yellow and turned it into a utility belt. Of course, these days, I make a living by pretending to be someone else. And that’s the fun of it - you’re using your imagination and dressing up like a kid playing. And costume is so important for an actor. It absolutely helps to get into character; it’s the closest thing to you, it touches you. Some actors like to go into make-up and then put their clothes on, but I like to dress first; that’s my routine.”

You clench your buttocks and you walk with a fixated purpose.

25 ships: 9. Remus Lupin & Sirius Black

Ron, Hermione, Fred, and George’s heads turned from Sirius to Mrs. Weasley as though following a tennis rally […] Lupin’s eyes were fixed on Sirius.

25 ships: 13. George Smiley & Peter Guillam

I’ll keep Peter.

Best Movies of 2012: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy



ahhahaa. i fucking love you sir.



Alexandra Edenborough, Benedict Cumberbatch, Alice Eve and Gary Oldman attend the 2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter at Sunset Tower on February 26, 2012 in West Hollywood, California.

Benedict and Gary together in a photo makes me happy.



The Oscars should win a Gary Oldman.