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#Dean explaining to Cas about how sex feels#and he gets totally into it and he’s describing how every little thing feels#and Cas asks stuff like ‘what about ___?’ and ‘what is ___ like?’ and Dean answers all his questions in graphic detail#and it takes Dean a while but eventually he notices Castiel’s flushed face and balled fists#and the shift of his thighs as he squeezes them together#and the way his breath catches and his eyelashes flutter when Dean gives examples of sex noises#and Dean starts doing it on purpose#testing Cas and testing how far he can take him#and they build and build without a touch#Cas is sweating and Dean is hard in his jeans and he’s not gonna stop until one or both of them tip over the edge#and it’s Cas who comes first #of course it is#and Dean looks at his best friend as Cas comes in his pants with a shaky gasp and a convulsion#and he thinks ‘I could get used to this’ (via: almaasi)


  (via: almaasi)


AU: Dean is a hunter, but Mary is alive. Dean brought Cas home to met his mother. And well … mothers always know best.

"So," Mary says, because she’s not one to not grab an opportunity by the balls, "Dean’s not seeing anyone right now, then?"

"Not that I’m aware of," Castiel says. "Though I must disclaim that if Dean told me not to tell you, I could be lying right now."

Mary laughs. “Oh, then he could be with you, is that it?”

"Me?" Castiel double-takes.

"It’s not completely out the question, is it?" Mary asks. "You get along so well."

"Oh." Castiel’s smile fades a little. "I’m not his type."

Apparently it’s Mary’s turn to be startled. Not his type doesn’t mean not interested, and Mary’s getting a good hang of the angel not-speak that seems to be universal. “What do you mean?”

"Oh, you know about Dean’s taste in partners. He prefers individuals who are…" Castiel’s gaze moves to the middle distance, a thoughtful little frown following his struggle to put it into words. "Self-assured. Confident and knowing of what they want, and how to pursue it. Dean is drawn to people like that."

Mary can’t say that that’s incorrect. Mary could say that it’s not always that neat, but as much as she loves her son she doesn’t always know what he’s thinking, or the turns of logic Dean tends to employ when it comes to the people he’s close to. All Mary does know is what she’s seen when these two are in the same room together, but goodness knows that has to be only a fraction of what they are to and have been for each other (Dean will never ever tell her full story, she knows).

"Yes." Castiel nods, seemingly pleased with his answer. "I’m not his type. But this is all right, as he is the best friend I’ve ever known, and that is not a consolation prize."

Mary touches Castiel’s arm. It’s a poor replacement for words of comfort and encouragement, but Castiel seems to appreciate it.

"I’ll go check on Sam," Castiel says. "Will you be…"

"Yes, I can finish up here," Mary says. "Go ahead."

Castiel takes his leave, and Mary sits there feeling a little bereft, a little helpless, a little annoyed, and trying to cling on to the memory of how much she’d disliked it when her own father had tried to set her up in her youth (but this is not like that, she tells herself).

There’s a rush of movement at the corner of Mary’s eye, and she turns just in time to see Dean — Dean, who they’d both thought was out of the house buying groceries but apparently was too busy being like an angel and creeping on them — practically running off down the hallway in the direction Castiel had gone.

"Well then," Mary says.



exactly how I remember this scene.

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now that was pretty damn romantic


Dean looking at Cas in 9x06